Our scehmes and policy

State Level Advisory Committee for Students and Youth Welfare was formed with an aim to mobilize resources for the youth of Assam to realize their potential in various fields. To explore different opportunities, youth need proper training, proper equipment, proper infrastucture, proper exposer and not last but not the least encouregment.

Therefore, at SLAC has stated working towords betterment of youth with various different schemes and awards, some of those plans are

  • Coaching for exams conducted by APSC/UPSC/ SSC /IBPS & NEET( Medical) / CEE ( Engineering)/ CLAT ( LAW) has been essential for the students from economically backward classes and geographically alienated places, who do not have access to quality coaching.

  • Toll FREE Career Counselling Helpline 1800-345-3768. During the year 2016-17, 20,000+ youths were benefitted

  • Propose International Youth Summit will be held on the side line of Himalayan Region Games or Namami Brahmaputra Festival.

  • To enhance youth employability it is proposed to undertake schemes in collaboration with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India & Department of Skill Development, Govt. of Assam in compliance with National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).

  • Financial assistance to State Sports Associations recognized by Assam Olympic Association for preparation of various state teams for participation in the national level competitions/tournaments

  • Govt. proposes to establish at least one Youth club in each village of the state. SLAC proposes to be a partner in this noble cause for development of the youth by providing equipments such as TV, Computer, GYM equipments, furniture, musical instruments etc. to youth clubs

  • Xohodar, a Youth conclave par excellence was organized in the year 2016 at Guwahati. SLAC proposes to organize Xohodor-2017 so as to achieve new height and dimension for the participating youth of the state

  • State lacks qualified coaches to train sports talents to give boost & enhance their performance.SLAC proposes to provide financial assistances to at least 10 aspirants for pursuing diploma courses in sports coaching

  • To meet the demand of sports associations / clubs in conducting sports activities, SLAC desires to support them by providing sports goods/equipments.Objective is to support such cases in all assembly constituencies.

  • Youth of the state needs exposure and needs to have exchanged their views & ideas to get best from these experiences for our development, such a program has become essential which we propose to impart.To boost the confidence and to encourage the youths, exposure tours within the country as well as abroad may be adopted.

  • Award and Recognition

    Proper recognition is required for encouremet of youth.Its very pertinent to recognize achievements. Youth from Assam have shown achievement at various different fields both Nationally and Internationally.

    • To recognize these youth/ sportsperson an award “Chief Minister Sports Award” to be introduced for benefit of the achievers in the field of sports.

    • Young brave ones need to be recognized for their act of bravery and to encourage others to follow their footsteps

    • To give reorganization to the brave ones for showing exemplary courage and performance , a State Bravery Award is proposed in the name of BIR LACHIT BORPHUKAN.

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